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Our Services

Interpreting New Zealand has many language services that can help you with your business needs.


Interpreting is the facilitation of spoken or signed language communication while preserving the intended register and meaning of those languages.

We train interpreters to the highest standards. We employ and provide interpreters in around 70 languages and dialects, including Sign Language.


Often, the interpreter is the only one present who understands everything that is being said. This is a serious responsibility – it calls for trained professionals.

Our interpreters can work three ways:

  • Onsite (face-to-face)

  • Telephone

  • Video.


We can travel around New Zealand if required and handle calls nationally and internationally.

Female interpreter

Workplace Training

Intepreters save you time and money, and reduce the risk of miscommunication.

  • Can your staff identify when an interpreter is needed?

  • Do they know how to use an interpreter effectively?

  • Do they know what a good interpreter looks like?


We can train you, your colleagues and staff on how to work with interpreters. This will help you feel comfortable in the interpreting situation and work more effectively with interpreting professionals.

Information Lines & Recorded Messages

We can provide you with pre-recorded information lines in other languages, so that the public information you wish to spread can be received and understood by non-English speaking members of your target communities.

As a prime example of this, we worked together with the New Zealand government, to produce various iterations of the Prime Minister's public announcements during the initial COVID-19 lock down.

Interpreter on video.
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