Chris Rice, B4 School Coordinator

B4 School Care“We recommend the services of Interpreting New Zealand because it’s easy to connect with an interpreter who has the language a client wants-it just needs an email or phone call. Interpreting New Zealand are well prepared for assignments-they know the situation they are going into. They are reliable, clear, effective and polite. The interpreters are all locals so they understand the NZ environment. By using the services of Interpreting New Zealand it means we can communicate effectively with our clients.”

Bev MacPhail, Receptionist

Ora ToaWhat I like about using the services of Interpreting New Zealand is that is very easy to arrange and change appointments. (Tui is very helpful.) They provide a friendly personalised service so clients get to know the people at the end of the phone.  Interpreting New Zealand staff always follow up to see that engagements happen as they should and new bookings are confirmed.  The result of using their interpreting services is that there is a lot less stress because we can communicate with patients. I recommend Interpreting New Zealand. It is easy to use, a great service and makes my job easier.

Gareth Frew, Pharmacist

Canterbury Community Pharmacy GroupI recommend Interpreting New Zealand because their interpreters are well-trained, well-managed and carefully monitored. Interpreting New Zealand are easy to work with and have a wide range of languages (approx. 70). I like the way they help me to communicate with people I couldn’t work with otherwise. One of the benefits from using the services of Interpreting New Zealand is that patients have had better medication outcomes through improved education.

NR Foot, Court Registry Office

Ministry-of-JusticeInterpreting New Zealand is a very good service. One point of contact makes it easy for us to order an interpreter. There is never any issue with the quality of their staff-they are very good. (Lak is very, very helpful to me.) There is a wide and varied number of languages required to be interpreted in Palmerston North and we are well serviced by your office. I recommend Interpreting New Zealand because you have professional and highly capable staff and interpreters. I like the ease of using your service. It is quick and easy.

Susan Peake, Coordinator

I recommend the Child Youth and Familyservice of Interpreting New Zealand as it’s easy to connect with an interpreter who has the language a client wants-it just needs one phone call or email. The staff always follow up to ensure that new bookings are confirmed. It was a very prompt and professional service.

Mary Collie-Holmes, General Manager

InterprMclasseting New Zealand are very responsive to our needs. The interpreters are all local so they understand the NZ environment. I like their ability to accommodate our requirements when they are not strictly interpreting but include an element of facilitation. Interpreting New Zealand can provide phone interpreting quite quickly when I am talking to a learner and realise on the spot that we need to have a more in-depth discussion than we are capable of in English. Our learner feedback sessions would result in very shallow insights without the interpreter facilitator.

Terrina Smith, CRO Criminal Section

HMinistry-of-Justiceere’s what I like about using the services of Interpreting New Zealand. The Ministry of Justice is a busy workplace. All I need to do is send an email request to Tu’i with the language required and details of the hearing. She then responds with confirmation and it is so easy. Importantly the request is completed in a timely fashion. One of the benefits of using Interpreting New Zealand is the high level of experienced interpreters in many dialects. They present to the court in a professional manner and are easy to work with. The service is available all hours, every day-24/7.

Vicky Hazael, Assessment Facilitator

Life UnlimitedI recommend the services of Interpreting New Zealand because their service is professional, efficient and effective. The benefits we’ve enjoyed by using their service includes client satisfaction and accurate information. They are friendly and very approachable as well as being true professionals.

Wayne Reid, Refugee and Migrant Health Manager

Pegasus HealthInterpreting New Zealand meets our needs in a proactive manner and is always there. They are involved with the sector in Canterbury and nationally. I like the training that is offered to professional clients. By using them our doctors can get health messages and consults across.

George Patena, Multicultural Advisor Metro

Christchurh City CouncilThe overall feedback regarding the services provided by Interpreting New Zealand is positive. Staff are extremely appreciative of the services provided including the empathy and patience shown. Our own service is now more personal when clients and the public are engaged in their own language.

Liz Nikora, Secretary

Cuba Family LawWhat I like about the services of Interpreting New Zealand is that the interpreters are very professional and sensitive to client’s needs. This is very important in our line of business (family law.) When booking an interpreter the receptionist always gives you a job number and is very thorough with her instructions and always follows up very professionally. I recommend the services of Interpreting New Zealand because they have the widest range of languages, their understanding of cultures involved and the privacy of the client.

Ranka Margetic-Sosa, Clinical Manager

Refugee TraumaI recommend the services of Interpreting New Zealand because of the quality of the service (both interpreters and support office staff.) I like their professionalism and experience. They are reliable and are motivated to provide high standards of service. Interpreting New Zealand monitors the quality of the service they provide and they welcome feedback. Using high quality INZ interpreting service has improved our efficacy at work. It inputs positively on trust building with clients and particularly contributes to cultural and clinical safety. Providing INZ interpreters for people/clients who do not speak English has made our work possible and service accessible to our clients (refugees and immigrants.)

Janet Collier-Taniela, Outreach Services

Compass HealthBy using the services of Interpreting New Zealand we now have increased understanding of medical information for our patients.

Lisa Sione, Deputy Registrar

Ministry-of-JusticeInterpreting New Zealand provide a friendly, personalised service. I like the speedy responses when requesting a booking. I recommend them because they are reliable, have great communication and are easy to get hold of.

Tiffany Williams, Coordinator

Strengthening Families

Interpreting New Zealand provides consistently excellent service delivery.  I recommend them because it’s a sound investment – it helps everyone to know the whole picture.  We benefit from using them because being able to offer a family an interpreter instantly empowers them and signals respect and a will to really help.  Thank you for such an amazing resource!


Molly Kennedy, Refugee Services Manager

Red CrossInterpreting New Zealand interpreters are true professionals – they are aware of professional boundaries and the confidential nature of information.  I recommend Interpreting New Zealand for this reason, and also because interpreters are often available at short notice, when the need arises.

Jeff Thomas, General Manager

RefugeeRefugee Trauma Recovery (previously Wellington Refugees as Survivors Trust) utilise the services of Interpreting New Zealand for 95% of its therapeutic work with former refugees who are traumatised or victims of torture.  This is highly specialised work and our multi-disciplined team includes:  psychotherapists, a clinical psychologist, counsellor and a psychiatrist.  All these personnel bring the skills and knowledge of their respective professions to carry out the counselling and advocacy for our, former, refugee clients.

The success of our work is very dependent on the interpreter and we have always found those provided by Interpreting New Zealand to have been put through a robust selection process, to be well trained and supported.  We also find the staff from the CEO to the call centre to the support staff to be efficient, and customer focused.

Overall we consider the team at Interpreting New Zealand an integral part of the Refugee Trauma Recovery team.

Wendy Aitken, RN Care Manager

Care CoordinationThe complexity of health requires the interpreter to support vulnerable persons – accuracy is vital in their own language.  You have a fabulous group of people who are so professional.  They’re well-trained and well-prepared for assignments as well as easy to work with, dedicated and on time.  I would always use this service to support my clients.

Prue Vincent, Psychologist

I like using Interpreting New Zealand because of ease of use, because they have interpreters who are skilled and competent, and because they send the same interpreter to the same people/family.  I benefit from using them because it gives me a good working relationship with the client through the interpreter, and I’m able to do my job as the language barrier is overcome

Shirley Wright, General Manager

CCRI feel confident that the service provided by Interpreting New Zealand is high in integrity and professionalism, and provides the best communication support. Local interpreters understand the earthquake context, and clients feel well connected to our service due to the high quality of interpreting. I recommend Interpreting New Zealand because of their well-supported, well-managed interpreters and the high level of expertise across the organisation.