Code of Ethics

  1. The interpreter shall to the best of that person’s ability interpret faithfully and accurately between the parties; omitting nothing said by either party nor adding anything which the parties did not say, except with the full knowledge and agreement of all parties.
  2. All the information gained by the interpreter in the course of that person’s duty shall remain strictly confidential. This information shall not be communicated, published, or in any other way divulged to any person or organisation other than the person or organisation engaging the services of the interpreter.
  3. The interpreter shall respect all confidences received in the course of the interview.
  4. The interpreter shall observe impartiality and neutrality in all interpreting assignments and shall not permit personal opinions or involvement to influence the performance of hisher work.
  5. The interpreter shall be punctual for every appointment.
  6. The interpreter shall observe at all times the obligations arising from hisher employment agreement with Interpreting New Zealand and shall not on any occasion take unfair advantage of the position of trust heshe is in.
  7. The interpreter shall not allow personal or any other interests to influence the performance of hisher duties. The interpreter shall not accept or solicit any present, gift or other consideration, benefit or offer of such a character that it may have the effect of influencing or benefitting himher.
  8. The interpreter shall, in an appropriate and tactful manner, bring to the attention of the professional any issues pertaining to culture, creed and language that may arise in the course of the interview.
  9. The interpreter shall provide a service of high standard in all interpreting situations in order to maintain full confidence in the integrity of the Interpreting New Zealand.